Event planners and speakers can work together. Of that there is little doubt. If the desire from them both to do so is there, then of course they will.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case that speakers and planners take account of the needs of the other. That is where the challenges and problems start to occur.

There is an obvious relationship to an event outcome which has dependency (especially at conferences) on how both speakers and event organisers (content producers) get along.

If they try to work without the other then the event will not be as good as it could. If a speaker is ignored by an event planner or vice versa, then details will be missed and this could easily have a significant detrimental impact.

Take for example, the speaker that arrives at the last minute and hasn’t time for the sound checks. Or the event planner that hasn’t advised the speaker that they will be video recorded.

How speakers and event planners can work together is explored in the post – Better Event ROI when planners and speakers work together effectively.

Key highlights of the post include:

The importance of speaker briefings

Why speaker rehearsals and testing time is essential

Why communication is needed


There will be a number of organisations that do work effectively in creating outstanding events. Let’s make sure that yours is one of them.

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