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This post has a festive fun feel about it. The idea of learning from Rudolph and applying tips for hospitality planning just appeals. 


Rudolph shares his take on those all important hospitality planning secrets. I am sure you can apply his tips for hospitality outside of the festive period as well.

Invite Friends and Family That Are Dear (Deer) to You

We know that our friends and family are so important. So just make sure you have the right ones on your invitation list.

After all what is the point of a party with people who you don’t want there? Who do you invite and do you invite any people celebrities?

Our guests this year include; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. It’s a small but very select list which has always been a key to our party success.


Egg Nog is a particular favourite of ours. Well it would be if we could drink it.

But when you are pulling a sleigh full of Christmas prezzies you have to be focused. No drinking for us I am afraid.

But for you well a good selection of drinks is a must, especially the egg nog. On Facebook it comes up time and time again as that very special drink to have at this festive time of year.


Well food is a must. Just make sure that you know what you have ordered to avoid disappointment.

Only yesterday I came across someone who had ordered food only to find that just little nibbles were supplied. It was not at all that they wanted. Small detail I know but such an important one.

For us we are happy to much on some plants and vegetation or twigs.


We are very social animals and love a good sound so keep your selection good and wide. Otherwise we may have to find another party to go to.

And as our annual migration takes us around 5,000 kilometres, we have no problem in going to seek another party. Similarly you don’t want your guests to go somewhere else.

Karaoke seems a good idea and again this was one of the popular Facebook responses as to what makes a great Christmas party.

You bring karaoke for us and you can be sure to see us head banging our antlers as we get into the groove.

Be Different

Hold your party outdoors. Well for us this one is easy as we don’t care about the cold; after all we have a warm insulating coat and large hooves as part of our survival strategy. This helps us deal with the extreme cold and snow of the arctic.

But what about you? Outdoor heaters could keep you warm. Think of standing outside with your best friends whilst having a glass of bubbles under a clear night sky. I am sure you can picture the scene.

If you are really lucky you might even see me flying past helping the great Claus make those all important gift deliveries.


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