Remotely Engaging was written in 2016, long before Covid-19 came along and made virtual attendee engagement a top priority.

Ensuring that the virtual audience get the most from the event is critical. It always has been. And always will be. And that is why this book should be in your collection, if you are looking for tips and insights on how to make sure your virtual delegates make the most of your event.

Paul Cook has successfully designed and produced numerous conferences that have broken out of the confines of the conference centre. They have extended the event’s reach over time and distance to create valuable knowledge assets for the organising body. In doing so, many lessons have been learnt about what worked and didn’t work when it comes to capturing attention and actively engaging with a virtual (remote) audience.

The purpose of the book is to condense Paul’s experience and that of his co-author, Martin Shepherdly into a guide that will enable organisations to avoid some of the fundamental mistakes that are easily made when embarking on livestreaming a conference or seminar. The intention is to help organisations to shortcut the process of becoming ‘remotely engaging’, so that they too can unlock the full value of their conference content.

What people are saying

“Part of preparing for any event is in asking the right questions… Martin Shepherdly and Paul Cook cram a lot into a small space here, covering the big questions from working out the percentage of members you want to attend an event, through to positioning the lights correctly and how to choose and brief a presenter. Best of all, the authors’ use of practical real-world examples demonstrates they are not armchair theorists – this is hard-won knowledge from the mouths industry professionals.”

Nadine Dereza and Ian Hawkins, co-authors, Insider Secrets of Public Speaking


“Really clear and easy to follow. I encourage event planners the world over to read this straight talking, inspiring book and reach those audiences other events can’t.”

Marie-Claire Andrews, CEO, ShowGizmo Ltd


“Here’s a must-read book for anyone who needs to connect with audiences virtually. This no-nonsense, no-fluff, step-by-step guide is designed to give you insights and tips that will instantly boost your engagement with audiences who aren’t in the same room as you (and a deep understanding of why it matters). Awesome advice Martin and Paul. Bravo!”

Eamonn O’Brien, The Reluctant Speakers Club


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