Paul Cook – Bite Size Bio 

Paul Cook is a content specialist. He has been immersed in business events for more than 20 years as a content writer, speaker, facilitator, event producer and educator. His work enables individuals and organisations to stand out through their content.

Paul provides key services which include; writing content, speaker mentoring and producing events.

His path into creative content can be traced back to his risk management roots and to the time he worked at Pinewood Film Studios. He was fascinated by seeing how films were made. And he has taken some of the insights gained there into the world of virtual and hybrid events.

In fact he has been an advocate of virtual and hybrid events for more than a decade. To Paul, these event formats open the door to an increased depth of conversation for organisations. They enable greater diversity and inclusion.

Paul has been engaged on numerous speaking gigs and whilst he still loves speaking at events, he has turned his attention to helping other presenters shine. As such he provides speaker mentoring enabling speakers to perform at their very best.

His love of words has been with him every since his early school days. It was clear he was always going to write, and he does so now for organisations that need a helping hand.  And he finds time to write his own books, the latest of which, Supercharge Your Virtual Speaking was created in May 2022.

His insights and experience are added to by his volunteer leadership in organisations such as Junior Chamber International (JCI), Professional Speaking Association UK, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and the Event Industry Council (EIC).