Paul Cook - Author

Paul Cook, Content Writer

Paul Cook loves writing.

Paul provides content writing for clients. Services include creating blog posts, eBooks and business fiction stories.

Ghost writing – Paul works with a number of clients ‘behind the scenes’ as a ghost writer. He is also an author in his own right.

You will find that he is an eclectic writer. But, what Paul really enjoys is taking a complex subject and making it accessible for all sorts of readers.

He has successfully achieved this with his books: Supercharge Your Virtual Speaking, Remotely Engaging and Risk It!

In addition to writing books, Paul is the creator of blogs, such as Choreographed Communications and the Hybrid Event Centre blog. And let’s not forget his blog on this website.

He is a regular contributor to a number of trade and online publications.

Paul is active in the business events sector and as such has in-depth knowledge, experience and insights that he brings to his writing assignments.

If you have a writing project in mind, contact Paul now and he will respond, most probably in writing.