I was frustrated. I wasn’t sure if this was the end of the road. Maybe I would stop reading about the issue of climate change and sustainability, once and for all. But that didn’t sit well with me. I knew I needed to dig deeper to learn more.

Why was I annoyed? It was simple. I had read yet another article in which an organisation outlined their range of sustainability actions. Whilst everything sounded good, I had no idea what impact the actions would bring. Was this just greenwashing or would the commitments make a positive impact?

I Needed to Dig Deeper

For a while, I had been keeping an eye on media headlines, viewing presentations and listening to podcasts. But I was frustrated. I felt I didn’t understand enough. There were many climate related terms it was hard to know exactly what they meant.

When I looked on social media channels to find out from the specialists, I found myself becoming further engulfed with even more jargon and detailed information. This often increased my confusion. The specialists’ in-depth knowledge went way beyond what I needed.

All I wanted was straightforward answers in plain language. Surely this wasn’t too much to ask?

I didn’t give up. Climate change issues are significant not just for us but for future generations. I explained all of this to my good friend, Shawna McKinley, who works as an environmental educator and is a font of knowledge.

After one zoom call with her, I knew I was on the right path to increase my understanding of this complex subject area.

“We need to publish an ebook”

As I reflected on our exchange I wondered whether other people would benefit her wisdom. I couldn’t be the only person confused by climate change. In the end, I suggested that we capture our conversations and pull-out key highlights to publish in an eBook.

Having conversations about complex topics like climate change can be hard. What information can we trust? Do we know enough to express an opinion, or make a good decision? Do we even feel safe to talk about it? Will we be judged for what we don’t know or what we’re not doing to protect the planet, even if we care very much and want to contribute to solutions?

With times as polarised as they are, it’s easy to see why not talking about climate change might seem easier. But, if we’re to protect ourselves from the effects of increasing carbon emissions, and discuss climate change, then talking to each other is exactly what we need to do.

I knew our chats could be far-ranging and we could easily find ourselves in a maze of information. As such, I asked an initial set of questions.
Shawna answered and from there, more questions were uncovered.

Busy professionals need information fast

It would have been easy to write a lot on the subject, but we kept our audience in mind and aimed specifically at them. Busy professionals need information and they need it quickly. Our eBook of FAQs was born.

In our eBook, you will find the questions I posed to Shawna, and the answers she provided. We hope this summary of our dialogue will help you cut through the jargon.

This eBook is designed to provide basic information about climate change to help you feel more comfortable talking about it. And by talking, we hope you will find support and feel empowered to take action based on your roles and your communities.

In fact, this book was created as the unexpected result of two friends chatting about a frustrating climate-related situation you may be able to relate to.

There is no charge for this eBook and we don’t even need your email address. This is a subject area that we want to help progress through making this eBook available to anyone that has an interest.

Therefore we have removed all obstacles to accessing it.

Please share far and wide. That’s all we ask.


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