Writing and Research

I am fascinated by words and the impact they have. They control how well a message, product or service is received.

Are your words working for you?



Do your clients/customers become emotionally engaged with you when they see your materials or hear your speeches?

Or do they turn off, because you are using the same words as your competitors?

Words can make a major difference to your business and in a competitive market every word counts.


Services offered:

Article writing

Sales copy writing

Blog posts

Speech writing

Script writing for Audio & Visual presentations


Independent reviews can go a long way to helping you work out whether your product or service delivers everything that you believe it does.

Sometimes there can be a big difference between what you think you offer and what your customers actually want.

Reviews offer you the chance to exceed client expectations.


Services offered:

Hospitality Service Review

Visitor Attraction Review

Product Review

Event/Experience Review

Website jargon & fluff Critique


Research is crucial if you want to understand how people perceive and understand your service.

It allows you to hone your offering and make improvements.

Without effective research all you have is ‘gut instinct’ to go on, and whilst this may work in some situations, it’s risky.


Services offered:

Devising survey questions

Survey results analysis

Summary presentations

Mini reports

Longer studies

Some Clients

About Paul Cook, writer

Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Paul Cook has worked in a range of different businesses that have varied in size and style. He is the Founder of two businesses Planet Planit Ltd, and Clarity Event Insurance. Paul is a former President in the UK of (MPI) Meeting Professionals International and lifetime Senator of Junior Chamber International.

Paul has written for a numerous magazines and loves writing copy that challenges assumptions. His first book Risk It! is available on Amazon.