Is the event insurance programme you have in place strong enough to deal with the ever increasing demands of a fast moving business environment? Here are some principles to help you determine whether you can relax knowing all is in order or whether you need to make some changes.


Are your insurance policies sufficient for your future events/business activities? Are the policy wordings wide enough and are there are limitations as to countries where you can hold your event? Are there any other restrictions?

We recommend that if you are in any doubt you make a quick couple of calls to your advisor/insurance company to establish where you stand.


It is great when you win a new event contract or tender, e.g. it could be your first time to organise an event in China so as above check that your insurance cover isn’t lacking.

If you incorporate risk management thinking into new contracts/tenders you will not go far wrong.

Business/Event Description

Ensure that your business/event is fully and clearly described to insurance companies.

Sometimes people can be tempted to provide only limited information to insurers but the best advice is to let them know all that will be happening at your event/business. If your plans change let them know.

Any ambiguity could lead to a claim repudiation which is not a position you want to be in.

Utmost Good Faith

One of those insurance principles that mean that both parties – Insurer and Insured have to make sure they have all the details of the contract – simply put make sure your insurer knows all the activities that you intend to have at your event and make sure you understand your insurance policy.

Sums Insured

If you have bought any new equipment recently then we recommend that you check that the policy limits are adequate for you.

There is no point in being underinsured as you may suffer if there is a claim. By the same token reductions in your requirements may affect the insurance premiums you are required to pay.

Also check that the Public Liability Limit of cover you have will allow you access to a venue/location. Increasingly (and particularly in the UK) venues may not allow you in unless you can provide evidence of sufficient insurance to meet their requirements.


Allow your insurers enough time to issue any evidence of insurance you need. You may need this to gain access to hold your event.

Last minute pressures we can all live without so don’t add to your stressful situations (unless you thrive on stress of course).

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