There are hundreds of networking events going on all the time. In fact you cannot escape them. Wouldn’t it be good to go along to a networking event with confidence? But if you are a little nervous the last thing you will be is confident. Panic no longer, here is a great little guide for you.

This is a guide that gives easy to use techniques and tips for success at any networking event. Best of all, you can put the tips into action immediately.

Handy Size

This guide is small enough in size to be able to sit neatly inside any jacket pocket or bag. Whilst the book is small, the print is a good size so no squinting to read the words is needed. In fact, keywords are highlighted, making it even easier to take in information and ideas at a glance.

Packed Full of Tips

I really like the fact that there is a single clear page for making notes next to each tip/hint/idea. In this way, you get to customise it’s contents as you grow in confidence. This is a book that grows with you.

The author, Ash Mashhadi is a highly experienced networker himself, and he certainly provides deep insights into how networking events work and how you can make the most of your time in attending them. But the guide goes further than the event itself, as he looks at doing your homework before the event and then gives advice on follow up actions after the event.

In addition he touches on social media and social networking and provides another heap of techniques that help you network in the online space.

He just keeps giving tips and techniques. There is a lot of information in this guide and it will take more than one reading to absorb everything. Keep it handy, and keep dipping into this trusted companion. It really is like having a networking expert in your pocket.

Even if You are Experienced at Networking

This guide helps in any networking situation. Even though I have been to numerous networking events over the years and enjoy networking, I will keep a copy of this guide by my side. There are hidden nuggets in here, even if you consider yourself to be an experienced networker. But, I wish this guide had been available when I first started bumping my way around the networking space. It would have saved me a lot of time and I could have avoided a few mistakes. Even if you’re an experienced networker, this book has advice that you will find valuable.

Buy Your Copy Today

This book is the perfect gift for anyone starting on the path of networking success. If you are an experienced networker buy a copy to give to someone starting on their networking journey. I think every young person embarking on their career should have a look and pick up the golden nuggets of advice just waiting to be used in this essential book.

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