Paul Cook - Author

Paul Cook, Author

Paul Cook loves writing. From an early age he has been fascinated by words and their meaning. He found that words can be used in a multitude of ways and that each can produce very different emotions along the way.

When Paul was a member of Junior Chamber International (JCI), he was approached to write an article about one of his overseas trips for the national JCI magazine. All that was needed was 800 words and a photograph. He enjoyed the writing experience so much that it became the catalyst for him to become a regular contributor to the magazine. It was a short step from there to Paul developing a regular newsletter for the Manchester Chapter of the organisation.

Paul has written everything from e books and information guides to heart-felt emotion tugging poems.

You will find that he is an eclectic author. But, what Paul really enjoys is taking a complex subject and making it accessible to all sorts of readers.

He has successfully achieved this with his first two books: Remotely Engaging and Risk It!

In addition to writing books, Paul is the creator of a number of blogs himself, such as Event IQ, the Event Risk Blog and Lessons from a Mountain.

He is a regular contributor to a number of trade and online publications and just wants to write even more.

If you have a writing project in mind, contact Paul now and he will respond, most probably in writing.

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