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Paul helps businesses become even more successful through his content, research and strategy work. He believes that every business needs to review and develop its communication strategies to increase awareness and income generation.

Is your message clearly understood by your staff, stakeholders, suppliers and buyers?





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About Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Paul has worked in businesses, local, global, small and large. He runs Planet Planit which is a specialist business communications consultancy that works with businesses and associations involved in  the digital and hospitality sectors.

He is also Global Head of Events at Hansal International and he works on other projects with different organisations. The ‘red thread’ of his work is that it all comes back (in some form) to Business Communications which is his love.

Paul has written for a numerous magazines and loves writing copy that challenges assumptions. His first two books are Risk It! and Remotely Engaging, both of which are available on Amazon.

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